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Q: The features of yeelight blue

  1. Smart phone controlled bulb
  2. Using Bluetooth 4.0, no other device needed (e.g. control box)
  3. White and RGB LED; changes color and brightness
  4. Set scene with photos, or with music
  5. New features go with app upgrading.

Q: What’s the difference from the 1st generations?

  1. The 1st generation uses Zigbee, there is a box that works as bridge.
  2. The blue edition uses Bluetooth, so it’s simple.

Q: How to start with yeelight blue?

  1. Screw in the bulb, then turn on power
  2. Download App from App Store
  3. Run App with Bluetooth turned on.

Q: Can not find bulb in App

  1. Make sure it’s power on
  2. Check if your fixture is made of metal, metal will weaken the signal
  3. If another mobile connects with your bulb, you cannot find it until it’s released.

Q: I am worry about the heat of LED

  1. LED will generate heat when it’s power on, don’t install the bulb in a closed space, it needs free air for heat dissipation.
  2.  We add a feature to protect it when the bulb is too hot by lowering the brightness or power off automatically.

Q: Wireless connection is not stable

  1. Sometimes the phone and bulb will be disconnected even if signal is good, it’s caused by the old version of iOS(5.x).
  2. It works more stable with new versions(6.x+). So it’s recommended upgrading your iOS.
  • How easy is it to install the Bluetooth LED Striplight?
  1. Remove the adhesive backing
  2. Affix the lights to your required surface
  3. Plug the power adapter into a power switch and switch on
  4. Turn Bluetooth on and launch the App


  • The App cannot find my LED Striplight
  1. Ensure that the power is turned on at the switch
  2. Ensure that another smartphone has not paired with your LED Striplight


  • Wireless connection is not stable
    The smartphone and lightstrip will occasionally disconnect even with a strong wireless signal. This is caused by older versions of iOS(5.x) and is more stable with newer versions(6.x+). For this reason we recommend upgrading your iOS.


  • How long are the Yeelight Blue Lightstrips?
    The Yeelight Blue Lightstrips are 2 metres long.


  • How many hours of light will I get out of my LED Striplight?
    You will get approximately 20,000 hours out of your smart lights. This is the equivalent of leaving your light on continuously for 2 years!


  • How do I control my Yeelight products?
    Yeelight products are controlled via the Yeelight Blue App, which can be downloaded from: Apple App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android).


  • Is there a warranty on Yeelight products?
    Yeelight products come with a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. If a defect arises and a valid claim is received by within the warranty period, we will replace the product with a new or refurbished product at no charge.


  • Is my LED strip lighting waterproof?
    Yeelight LED strip lighting is not recommended for use in wet areas such as along bath tubs or outside in the rain, as they are not fully waterproof.


  • Can I use the Yeelight flexible LED Lightstrips outdoors?
    The Yeelight flexible LED Lightstrips can be used in enclosed or sheltered areas where there is no chance of them getting wet or rained on.


  • Can I make the Bluetooth LED striplight shorter?
    Yes, you are able to cut the Bluetooth LED striplight, however only with scissors and in the sections indicated.


  • I need a longer length LED light strip, what do I do?
    Unfortunately, you cannot extend the length of the Yeelight Blue Lightstrips. In order to cover a larger area, you will need to purchase multiple lightstrips.


  • Can more than one person control the intelligent lighting?
    Multiple people can pair to the LED lighting strip, however simultaneous connections are not supported.

Q & A

  • Q: How to install Yeelight?
  • Install the control box and bulbs, then just download the app and go.


  • Q: How do I find devices with the APP?
  • Make sure your mobile phone is in the same Wi-Fi network as your control box, then open the APP and it will search for devices automatically.


  • Q: How do I set brightness?
  • Select one bulb in [Lamps], drag the bar on the circle to set brightness, and tap the button in the center to turn on/off. After being turned off, the bulb will be in standby mode.


  • Q: How do I set color?
  • Select one bulb in [Lamps], then choose the [Color] tab. Drag the icon on color panel to change color. Click the button in the center to get white.


  • Q: How do I use group controls?
  • From [Lamps], tap [Groups]. Use the [+] button to add a new group, check the bulbs you want to include, fill in the [Group Name], and tap [Done] to save.


  • Q: How do I use scene lighting?
  • Set each bulb first, then enter [Scenes], click [New], fill in the [Scene Name], check the bulbs you want in scene, and tap [Done] to save.